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Claude Cossec Flower School was founded in 1997 and has been enrolling students from all over Asia ever since.

At CCFS, one will have a unique opportunity to learn with its founder, Prof. Claude Cossec (French Florist Master),

the art of floral design, special arrangement technique and the philosophy of an internationally acclaimed French styled floristry.

CCFS offers a wide range of learning programs for students from beginners to advanced and even for those who seek a career in floristry.

In order to keep up with the speed of the continual evolution of fashion concept and trend of flower design, we strive to incorporate the most innovative ideas into our daily teachings.

Should you feel interested in attending any of our classes or wish to take a private lesson, please feel free to get in touch with us….

Call us (+886) 02 8502 7959 for more information or email us at with your enquiry.


Check out some of the reason to learn French flower design!

-Understand the beauty and what can flower bring in your life.

- Mastering colors combination.

- Learn to build different objects and structure and improve DIY skills.

- Understand better the nature and develop your observation sense.

- Learning the flower names and plants and understand their cares.

- Learning the rule of balance design.

- Find your style and floral personality.

- Acquiring some technique so you can personalize your ideas.

- Make new friends and share with them beautiful moments.

- Share your learning with your social media friends.

- Decorate and personalize your home decoration.

- Create wonderful table decoration that will amaze your guests.

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Learn more about our flower school history and our future plans

Established since 1997, throughout all these years Claude Cossec Flower School has wished to bring to Taiwan and the rest of Asia a small piece of French culture.

The floral art is a means for CCFS to help discover France and its differences, to understand its subtleties and also to promote the culture and a certain way of life.

Owing to this philosophy that CCFS has trained and will continue to train many students.

In the age of globalization, this idea of "sharing" has become even more important, as it allows students to acquire, in addition to their floral art skills, an experience of the French lifestyle ...



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Years of Experience

Claude Cossec was born in 1965 in France from a family of flower designer, and was in 1987 the champion at the “Oscar of the young French flower designer".

During the same year he also took part in the French Cup Floral Art Competition were he was awarded the third place.

He was chosen by the French Federation to participated to an Floral exchange in Miami for one month...

Back from the USA, he decided to perfect his training by joining the European CIFAF Academy where after one year of training

he get the first place of the Master Flower Designer promotion.

The CIFAF’s president asked him to work in the academy as a teacher...

He started to make flower demonstrations and teaching in different countries such as Germany, Belgium, Taiwan, Japan and Mainland China ...

Later, he accepted the responsibility to promote the art of flower design in Taiwan and created the Claude Cossec Flower School ...

During this last years he became a kind of “ambassador” of the French flower art in Taiwan and show is abilities in all the biggest cities of Asia...

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